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Live Event Streaming

Nano Servers Inc, ensures that your live events are delivered flawlessly at the best possible quality supported by the end-user's Internet connection. Typical live events broadcast over the Nano Servers Inc, CDN include live television and radio broadcasts, sporting events, concerts, and more.

Nano Servers Inc,'s live streaming technology allows for Windows Media  to be broadcast globally to audiences of a massive scale. Live broadcast quality is top-notch, with no choppiness, broadcast drops, or excessive buffering. Nano Servers Inc, distributes the live broadcasts from multiple points of presence, so the end-users will be able to pick up the feed closest to them, delivering the optimal performance for their specific global region and "last-mile" bandwidth provider.

Nano Servers Media Casting  

The Nano Servers Inc, Difference

Nano Servers Inc, offers a superior, cost-effective global content delivery platform that gives our customers a competitive advantage in the delivery of digital media. Our world-class content delivery platform provides customers the cost benefits and flexibility of controlling their own content delivery network while liberating them from bandwidth contracts, capital investments and operational hassles.
Our facilities leverage bandwidth from the top international IP transit carriers and reach the greatest population of Internet end users in every global market. Our own proprietary global load-balancing technology connects each location to your end users around the world.

At the same time, our bandwidth buying power works to your benefit, giving you access to our volume discounts. Nano Servers Inc, offers you cutting-edge storage and edge caching infrastructure across which your applications and content have guaranteed performance and delivery. And best of all, it gives you instant scale with no capital costs.

Global Footprint
Through extensive research and development, the Nano Servers Inc, team has pinpointed strategic global locations from which to store and serve our clients' content. Nano Servers Inc, maintains content caching points of presence (POPs) in Washington DC (1 locations), Ashburn VA, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, London (2 locations), Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Sydney. All POPs are located in tier one data centers strategically located near primary Internet Exchange Points. This places Nano Servers Inc, servers at the center of global network peering and traffic exchange, and puts your end users just milliseconds away from your content.

EdgeDirector Global Load-Balancing Platform
Our EdgeDirector is a patent-pending routing protocol and global load balancing technology for serving content requests from the location which will result in the shortest delivery time to the end user. Traditional content delivery platforms use DNS routing methods that require multiple levels of DNS triangulation before the content can be served. Nano Servers Inc,'s EdgeDirector combines the robustness and instant response of one of the fastest DNS infrastructures in the world with proprietary routing protocols to ensure that client content is immediately delivered to the user directly from the Nano Servers Inc, POP fastest for them, regardless of the user's global location.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics
Nano Servers Inc,’s reporting is calculated every hour, ensuring our customers have access to timely performance data. Our tools provide complete reporting flexibility, with access to new reports how and when you need them. Reporting and analytics should enable you to lower costs, analyze trends, predict usage patterns, and help you improve the performance of your content delivery. We believe that since it is your content and your bandwidth, you should have every monitoring, tracking and analysis tool possible to monitor the services we provide.

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard
This subset of our advanced reports brings true, up-to-the-second, live reporting to your desktop. Monitor your HTTP and Flash bandwidth utilization in real-time, watch connections being setup and taken down as they happen, monitor your storage usage and keep an eye on your purge and queues all from this easy-to-use dashboard.

Bandwidth Throttling
It’s not enough to just provide an excellent content delivery service; we must also be dedicated to developing new technology that improves your bottom line. Another example of our leadership in this regard is our bandwidth throttling technology. In this age of short attention spans, quick site exits, and channel surfing, you don’t want to pay for the full download of a five minute video if the user only watches the first five seconds. Our technology is able to ensure a quality end user experience while mitigating the cost of abandoned downloads and streams.

Progressive Download: Balancing Quality With Flexibility
Whether it’s improving performance or lowering costs, our dedication to improving your content delivery model is clear: our progressive download technology allows users random access to videos they are downloading (fast forwarding and rewinding throughout the file) before the files are fully downloaded without the licensing costs and technological burden associated with streaming.

Content Security
Nano Servers Inc,’s token based authentication makes it simple and seamless to provide a high level of security that is layered on top of your mission-critical content. We provide the necessary security tools to enable you to restrict access to content by any combination of geo-location for country blocking, by URL time to live, and by individual IP address - ideal for country-specific content, prevention of hot-linking to content, or ecommerce download/viewing of content for specific users.

Nano Servers Inc, offers its CDN customers high capacity, high-availability storage for all of their content. Our storage infrastructure is a high-performance storage platform, accessible via FTP, RSYNC, and Web Interface, and is designed to be redundant and scalable. Additionally, we can deploy custom storage solutions at all of our POPs throughout the globe, so that customers can select the ideal geographic location for their storage, and make it available to all the regional Nano Servers Inc, caching and streaming servers.

Flexible Origin Server Options
Nano Servers Inc, provides clients with the flexibility to physically store content with Nano Servers Inc,, or store content locally on their own hardware. If clients choose to store their content with us, they can easily upload their content directly to our storage POPs, where the content is picked up and brought to the edge by the caching servers. Optionally, clients can maintain their content on their own origin server, and the Nano Servers Inc, caching servers will access that client storage location, cache the content, and serve it directly to end users from the Nano Servers Inc, POPs around the globe.

Focus on Digital Media
Nano Servers Inc, specializes in content delivery services for digital media. Many legacy content delivery networks are not designed to support the delivery of extremely large streaming and downloadable media files; rather, they were tailored to support much smaller static files such as images, HTML, and banner ads. While the Nano Servers Inc, network excels in handling these smaller files, we have specifically optimized our network for streaming Adobe Flash and Windows Media and for large file delivery via progressive download. Our network is highly scalable to support massive and unexpected digital media audiences and flash crowds.