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About Us

We are a world-class web hosting company founded in 2001. We've led the industry ever since, because our top priority is meeting the needs of our customers. Most customers who come on board, never look back. Some may leave temporarily to try the competition, seeking lower price-points or taking advantage of short-term promotions, but in almost every case, they come back to Nano systems. Why? For the sake of quality: our reliable Service, reliable network, and reliable solutions.

The Nano systems Standard®:Your Service Never Stops

We offer superior, award-winning Service 24 x 7 x 365 at our SAS-70 Type II Certified & Audited data centers in McLean, Virginia; Springfield, Virginia; Tukwila, Chicago, Denver Washington; and our Honolulu, Hawai'i headquarters. Providing a complete range of managed web hosting services, from virtual hosting to high-volume, mission-critical dedicated service solutions, we are able to serve customers in over 150 countries throughout the world. How? Through our proprietary coast-to-coast network infrastructure.

Three state-of-the-art, fully redundant, fault-tolerant ata centers for 100% uptime, guaranteed

We are customer-focused, and network-driven. Our Network Operations Centers are staffed with dedicated technicians, and our professional System Administrators are constantly monitoring server and network status to ensure that your servers are
always up.

To ensure lightning fast connectivity, we have multiple redundant connections to several backbone providers through OC3 and GigE connections. Our network infrastructure, which we own, was designed with no single point of failure. With fully redundant cooling and power systems, disaster management plans, and careful proactive monitoring, we can prevent almost any cause for downtime. But should an issue arise, we make sure any concerns are addressed immediately. When? Within 24 hours, guaranteed. In fact, most support queries are answered within 24 minutes!

Innovative plans for cost savings, and the latest hosting equipment for shared hosting and dedicated servers

Despite being one of the larger providers around, our customers always receive the personal attention and care associated with small companies. We conduct regular customer surveys, and our services and prices reflect customer input. With the recent launch of Nano systemsCare™ on Twitter, we have yet another avenue of two-way communication with our customers to get input on your needs and concerns. There are plenty of other avenues of communication. Where? Check out News, and discover our newsletter, blog, social networking channels and more.